How to Choose Between a Form and Composite Deck

The YouTube video offers a steel form decking guide that helps viewers understand the various types of steel form decking and how to select the most appropriate method for a specific application. When contractors build a structure such as a house or a commercial building, they need to decide how to build the building floors and how much weight these floors will need to bear. There are two main options: composite metal decking and form decking.

Choosing the Right Floor

Form decking uses wood or other materials as a mold to create the desired floor surface, and concrete takes the shape of the mold. Technicians remove the mold after the concrete sets, and the concrete functions independently as a floor. A simple example is taking cookie dough and a cookie cutter to form your desired shape. The cookie cutter only shapes the dough and does not form part of the cookie when baked.

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On the other hand, composite metal decking uses metal sheets with grooves as the foundation upon which the concrete sits. These metal sheets support the concrete. They remain a part of the flooring once the concrete sets. The difference between these methods lies in the overall objective for the floor. Form decking is a good option if you only require a simple floor that won’t bear weight, while a composite deck is ideal if you want a stronger, specialized floor.