How to Decide Between a Shingle or Metal Roof

Shingle and metal roofs have many differences that not everyone is aware of. Depending on the roof shingle and the metal, the pros and cons may be affected by the material’s thickness, shape, and elements. This video as a pro from Tailgate Talks discusses some of the differences.

Metal is more energy efficient than shingles in summer, reflecting the heat. Still, shingles can be customized to have more insulation using spray foam.

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Metal roofing would usually cost more than shingles, and when comparing wastage, shingles are less wasteful than metal. In fact, shingle roofs can have about 15% waste while metal around 30%. Depending on the manufacturing warranties for these materials, shingles can have a more extended warranty than metal. Still, the actual lifespan for a new roof shingle or metal can be up to 50 years.

Whether you’re getting a new shingle roof installed or a metal one, when you decide to sell your property, you will get a handsome return on interest. New roofs increase the home’s value more than most other improvements, which may put you out of pocket while not returning your ROI. You can speak to a roofing company for a quotation.