How to Save Money On Your Residential Roof Replacement

Residential roof replacement is sometimes necessary due to damage or wear and tear. However, the cost of a roof replacement can be prohibitive to many homeowners. This video looks at tearing down a detached garage roof and replacing it, and the costs involved.

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If someone is considering a residential roof replacement, costs include tools, construction materials, labor, and disposal of damaged structures. Homeowners can save money by carefully adding up the costs at the start of the project and measuring accurately to avoid over-purchasing materials. Another potential cost-cutting exercise is to handle some of the work as a DIY project rather than hiring a roof repair company for the whole job.

If someone has a dump truck, trailer, or similar that they can loan out for free or at a reduced rate, this could save the homeowner several hundred dollars on material disposal. The alternative is hiring a dumpster which can be expensive and often has weight limits below the total mass of a damaged roof. Another way to make long-term savings is by checking for structural damage once the roof has been removed. If mold or water damage is noticed on wooden beams or boards, that wood should be replaced. Observation and staying close to the job are two great ways to save money on residential roof replacement.