Why You Should Hire a Professional to Service Your Roof and Gutters

Your roof contributes significantly to your overall curb appeal. According to the Washington Post, 40% -50% of all home sales decisions happen at the curb. Well, you may not be planning to list your house on the market, but probably it’s among your most prized possessions that you must keep in good condition. Although DIYing your roof and gutters might be tempting, hiring professionals to help you with an aesthetic roof design and results is best. If you’re not yet convinced, this article explains why you must hire a professional to help service your roof and gutters. Let’s start!

To Save Money

According to Forbes, a complete roof replacement costs between $6,700 and $80,000. Also, if your house has an average-sized roof, the price will be a hefty $11,500! That’s quite costly, especially when working on a shoestring budget. However, you can extend your roof’s lifespan and avoid unnecessary replacement costs by engaging local roofing companies for repair and maintenance tasks.

A professional company typically has its workers under insurance coverage. In case of a worker’s injury at the site, you’ll not be liable to pay for the medical expenses. Also, in the event of a shoddy job, you’ll be eligible for compensation. On the contrary, do-it-yourself (DIY) solutions or hiring unprofessional personnel to help you repair your roofing and gutters may put you in a fix. Sadly, when an accident results in injuries, you’ll be forced to use out-of-pocket money to cover the medical expenses.

To put this into perspective, you’ll need tools and equipment, some of which you may not have, when DIYing your roof. You’ll have to buy or rent the tools in such a scenario. Well, all that will cost you money. However, a professional will have cutting-edge tools and equipment to guarantee an aesthetic roof and efficient gutters. So you don’t have to buy or hire. Typically, such tools cost an arm and a leg, and you’ll save significant money by working with a professional.

To Save Time (Time Is Money!)

According to CNN, slate, clay, and copper roofs easily last over 50 years, while asphalt shingle roofs serve for atleast 20 years. Fiber cement shingle roofs have a life expectancy of nearly 25 years, and wood shake roofs last 30 years. Anything beyond this period is a bonus; sooner or later, you might require roof replacements. However, roof and gutter replacement is a massive project that takes a significant amount of time. So, how do you save time?

Let’s agree. You don’t have the expertise and the speed to work on your roof and gutters as quickly as a professional, do you? That’s the main difference between you trying DIYing solutions and a professional contractor.

Although saying time is money is a cliche, it’s true. Clearing your schedule to work on your roofing wastes time and money, a luxury you may not have. Also, you can mess up on repairs, meaning you might not achieve your desired aesthetic roof and efficient gutters. So, save yourself the hassle. Hire a professional for aesthetically pleasing results and functional gutters.

Before the work begins, a professional will help you choose affordable but quality materials, saving you some money and enabling the project to run quickly and seamlessly. You won’t waste time to and fro the supplier (which costs money and wastes time) due to inferior material. A professional ensures that all the materials are available on-site to complete the project on time.

Get Professional Advice

Let’s face it. In this digital age, every roofing and gutter-related information is available to you with a click of a button. However, with a sea of information online, you may easily drown in confusion. Hence, an expert’s advice is your best source of straightforward advice on an aesthetic roof and effective gutter finish during your local roof repairs.

If you want a quality roof, get the right materials first. Roofing professionals will point you in the right direction. They know where to source quality building materials in bulk and save money through discounts. Roofing contractors have a network with reputable suppliers who avail quality material at relatively cheaper prices.

If you plan to replace your roof entirely, you might wonder about the best roofing design and gutter plan that suits your home. Although Pinterest has significant pictures of roofing designs, the fact remains that even with a million roofing YouTube tutorials, you may not achieve an ideal roof design if you don’t have the requisite skills and experience. This scenario calls for professional input. A roofer will advise on the best roofing design that suits your home and help bring your roofing vision into reality.

Get Warranties

An aesthetic roof and professionally done gutters are a huge and demanding investment. For this reason, you may get caught up in choosing the different grades of roofing shingles and an ideal profile and color for your house. However, expert roofing services provide more than a picturesque roof; you get ample warranty protection.

A professional ensures you buy roofing shingles with standard manufacturer warranties. In most cases, the warranty is a lifetime, meaning you’re protected as long as you own a home or until the lifespan of the roof lapses. The arrangement will mostly compensate for the cost of defective materials. Also, most manufacturers may cover replacing defective shingles for several years and, afterwards, give prorated coverage. Typically, the standard manufacturer warranties offer coverage against factory defects.

A qualified roofer believes in their artistry and will offer contractor workmanship warranties. The length of the warranties from different professionals varies. A good cover will protect you from material failures due to improper installation techniques or work errors, regardless of the coverage period. Typically, contractors may exclude incidences unrelated to their profession, such as acts of God (think about the lines of hurricanes and earthquakes).

A competent roofing contractor will ensure you benefit from extended manufacturer warranties (comprehensive coverage). However, to qualify for this coverage, a manufacturer requires that you contract certified professionals authorized to install roofs according to set specifications. Mostly, such warranties attract additional costs.

They Offer Different Roof Materials

One of the common questions among homeowners is, which is the best roofing material? A competent roofer will work with any roofing material and achieve an aesthetic roof. If you’re wondering which roofing best syncs with your house design, you need to rope in the services of a professional roofing contractor to help you explore the different materials and decide the best fit for your home.

Probably, metal roofing may feel like a modern choice. However, this kind of roofing has been in existence since the 1800s. Even today, metal shingles and sheets are still popular for their durability. Also, zinc and aluminum are affordable, low maintenance, easy to transport, and don’t lose their aesthetics – even with age.

For good reasons, clay tiles are among the most popular roofing materials globally. They date back thousands of years to glazed earthenware rooftops in China. They can last 50 -100 years, outliving most other roofing materials. Also, they come in different varieties, allowing you to choose a Spanish or French style. Although they are a bit pricier to install and repair, they can withstand extreme weather conditions.

Slate roofing material effortlessly floats on top of the most durable materials list. Like clay tiles, slate material can easily last between 50 -200 years! Additionally, this material is fireproof, able to resist powerful winds, withstand extreme temperatures, and resistant to small branches and hail impact.

They Work All Year Long

You no longer have to worry about the best time to fix your roof. A roof contractor isn’t a seasonal contractor. They work all year long! So, if your roof needs fixing to maintain your aesthetic roof appeal, you can contact roof contractors any time of the year.

You’re probably wondering if roofers work during the winter. The answer is a resounding yes. Typically, winter is the slowest business season. The obvious reason for this is that most homeowners will do their roof services before the season clocks winter.

With snow everywhere, repairs are cumbersome, and people prefer to take it slow indoors. During this cold season, you don’t have to worry when you notice a leak or need a professional to repair your roof. You can always call experts for an emergency roofing diagnosis.

Arguably, spring is the busiest season in a roofer’s calendar. Typically, this is majorly due to the harsh winter conditions. When the snow starts melting, you may notice leaks on your roof. Spring is also an excellent season to replace your roof and gutters, although there’s a high likelihood of rain; however, roof works are possible. Getting a roofing and gutter contractor won’t be a hassle

The sun is always out during Summer. The days are long, and due to the high chances of clear weather, hence ideal for your roof replacements and gutter repairs. Expert professionals come to your rescue, including fall when the weather is stable and cool, setting a good pace for contractors to work comfortably.

They Offer Free Estimates

Your roof and gutter replacement or repairs are a huge project that potentially has a big budget. As a result, it’s necessary to have accurate estimates before commencing your project. However, estimating the costs can be a huge hassle. But did you know your local roofers can give you an estimate for free?

A good estimate must be as specific as possible. It should include everything to be done during your roofing and gutter works. You’ll have a list of the roofing and gutter materials the gutter company will use and how the professionals will protect your property to achieve functioning gutter work and an aesthetic roof.

All the lines in your estimate must factor in labor. For instance, the price of the shingles in your proposal must factor in the cost of the shingles and the installation labor. Using this approach allows you to get a clear figure of the expenses you may incur.

Sometimes, roofing task involves serious repairs due to rot. Typically, working on your roof decking might involve tearing off old roofs. For this reason, your estimate must include a line item specifying the cost per sheet. Also, is there any faulty gutter material that needs replacing? The professionals include this information in the estimate.

Generally, cost estimate include all the item lists, their prices, labor costs, and everything that will cost you money. Also, it must capture the dumping process and the clean-up fees. In a nutshell, you capture the whole process and the expenses to the nail.

They Will Keep Your Home Safe

The ultimate goal of roofing is safety, and the roofing process must reflect this objective. Roofing and gutter installations are messy jobs and potentially dangerous. For this reason, a professional will ensure to work and keep your home safe, whether dealing with gutter installations or asphalt roof repairs.

A professional’s first step is removing any fragile item that may be damaged during installation. You must store patio furniture, yard decorations, and flower pots in a temporary safe area because debris and nails may land in your valued possessions during a re-roofing or gutter installation. Additionally, a qualified artisan will install catch-all nets and tarps to prevent the debris from spreading over your property.

After a clean job that delivers an aesthetic roof and seamless gutters, a professional will oversee a thorough hand clean-up job to remove all leftover materials and debris that may have escaped the catch-all net. Also, using a blower, the clean-up team will clear off dirt that may have spread to your patio or sidewalk. Moreover, they’ll use magnetic sweepers to pick up any nails throughout your property.

Let’s be honest. Roofing and gutters installations are a complex job. Although you may be tempted to go with DIY solutions, only a professional can install working gutters and achieve an aesthetic roof. Moreover, they’ll offer free estimates, keep your home safe during installation, and deliver a perfect job. If you want to know more about why you should hire a professional for your roof and gutters, check out our website for insightful information.