How Painting Contractors Paint Metal Roofing

Painting a metal roof can be more straightforward using the correct painting tool. In their YouTube video, “Painting With an Airless Paint Sprayer,” Paint Life TV’s painting contractors demonstrated a step-by-step painting on a portion of a metal roof. The video featured a painter using an airless paint sprayer.

Video Source

Power Washing

Before the roof can be painted, its surface must be power washed. The demonstration showed the worker using a powerful stream to clean the roof. To keep the flow of the pressurized water from blocking them, they must work “backward.” The worker backed away from the powered water stream until the roof was thoroughly washed.

After allowing the roof to dry for two hours, the worker returned. Before the paint could be applied, the roof
needed to be primed. The worker used the airless paint sprayer to spread the matte white primer across the roof quickly.

Applying DTM paint

In the final stage, matte black paint was applied to the roof. This paint is designated as DTM or direct-to-metal paint. The painter applied the paint quickly and evenly with the airless paint sprayer.

Airless paint sprayers are practical tools for DTM paint. These tools produce light pressure. Light pressure is enough to spread the paint quickly but insufficient to cause splashing during application.