When Is It Time to Get a New Roof for Your Home?


As a homeowner, you will make investments in your home. The most significant investment you make is your roof. Understanding available roof installation services to hire is important when it’s time to make that decision. This guide gives you some information on when to decide if it’s time to get a new roof.

It’s More Than 20 Years Old

One of the ways you can determine if you need roof installation services to hire is to look at the age of your roof. The purpose of a roof is to protect the inside of your house. They withstand a good amount of wear and tear. While they are durable, they aren’t meant to last forever. Asphalt shingles are expected to last for about two decades. This means that if your roof is over 20 years old, you should begin to expect a roof installation soon.

More modern roof shingles are heavier and may last longer than 20 years. There are other roof materials that last longer. Metal and clay roofs tend to last longer. The older your roof is, the more it breaks down with wear. This is why the age of your roof makes a difference in when your roof may need a replacement. There are some noticeable signs of age on your roof. Some signs are curling, missing, or blistering shingles. You may also see granules in the gutter.

These signs determine if it’s time to get a new roof. You can contact a local roof contractor to assess your roof and look for signs of age. They may also see moss and areas that are sagging. You might want multiple inspections and estimates to ensure that you can find affordable roofing options.

There Are Leaks

When you begin to notice roof leaks, it might be time to consider roof installation services to hire. Once you notice a leak, you should have your roof inspected. You don’t want to leave a potential leak because it’ll only get worse. Leaks in your roof can come from many sources. A roofing contractor assesses the roof and looks for missing or broken shingles or warped metal. They also look for any cracks.

In addition, every roof is subjected to extreme weather and sunlight which causes wear. Regular inspections can help prevent normal wear and tear from turning into a leak. Even when you see water spots on the ceiling, they may not indicate where the leak is located. It’s possible that the water spots aren’t anywhere near the leak. Water can get into light fixtures and insulation easily.

Leaks may be caused by poor insulation, damage to the roof, or ice dams. Leaks and water damage are strong indicators that you need to consider a new roof install. Don’t ignore these signs. When you see water spots, water stains, streaks, or puddles, it’s time to contact a professional.

You Want a New Material

You may be interested in roof installation services to hire simply because you want a different roof material. Sometimes, you may want a new roof before you actually need one. For example, you may have moved into a house where you don’t like the roof. You have done a significant amount of work to your house, and the roof no longer matches its look. A different type of material to choose for your house is metal roofing.

You can select from aluminum, steel, and copper. There is no limit to the colors and styles available to you. Metal roofs are becoming more popular because they are lightweight, resistant to fire, and durable. Metal roofs can resist extreme weather and are known for their longevity. Metal roofs can be installed in whole sheets or shingles.

You could even have a metal roof shingle installed on top of most existing roofs. A professional roofer can discuss that option with you. When you properly care for a metal roof, it should last as long as 75 years. Metal roofs are energy-efficient and reflect heat. A metal roof can help reduce your cooling costs during the hot summer.

They are contemporary and modern. Metal roofs can change the way your house looks. It’s important to note that metal roofs are more expensive than asphalt roofs but frequently less expensive than other materials.

There Are Missing Shingles

When you notice shingles are missing from your roof, it’s time to consider which roof installation services to hire. All local roofing services will tell you that if you have an older roof, it may be ready for a replacement. As your roof loses shingles, it becomes less effective at protecting your house. Shingles are part of your roof that acts as a protector. They protect all of the contents of your house from the weather.

When functioning properly, shingles lie flat against the roof. As they age, you may see them curl, break, or fall off. In addition to problems with your shingles and missing shingles, you may also notice damage or discoloration around vents or damage to skylights and chimneys. Also, you should pay attention to any shingle granules around downspouts and gutters. This means the shingles are beginning to disintegrate. There is natural disintegration as the shingles start to age.

A professional contractor will check the seals of your chimney, vents, and skylights to look for breaks or cracks. If you begin to see shingles in your yard, you should contact a professional right away. Next, you should inspect the shingles and your roof for any damage. If they aren’t damaged, they may be put back on your roof. However, if you notice the shingles are damaged, you should dispose of them properly.

Roof Repairs Are Adding Up

When you begin paying for multiple roofing repair jobs, it may be time to look for a roof replacement. When repairs no longer seem to work, you may need roof installation services to hire. Replacing a roof is expensive, so it’s natural to want the most cost-effective solution. However, this could be a time when the roof is no longer repairable. You may also find that repairing your roof becomes a waste of money.

When you are considering contacting a roof repair contractor, you may first want to understand how much you have already paid for roofing repairs. Then, you should factor in the cost of the next repair to determine if it’s worth spending the money.

All reputable roofing companies will provide an estimate to help you decide what to do next. Another factor is the cost of the current repair. It could be almost as much to repair the roof as it is to replace it. The amount of damage should also be considered. If the damaged area is just a small portion of the roof or impacts a few shingles, repair might be a wiser investment.

If there are just a few torn, damaged, or missing asphalt shingles, they may be replaced with new ones easily. If you have a different roofing material, like metal, it may be more complex or expensive to replace individual sections. When the damage is extensive, you have to weigh everything to determine which is the better option. When asphalt shingles are replaced, the new shingles might not match the color of the existing shingles.

Your Home Needs a New Look

When you look around your neighborhood and you see your neighbors updating your roof, yours may begin to look old and dated. It might be surprising to see how much your roof can take away from the curb appeal of your home. You can see the roof more than you realize from the road. It’s important to consider the look and style of your house when selecting a new roof. Before you contact local roofing companies, you must assess the architectural style of your house.

Roof installation services to hire can help you understand the style of your home. You will be better able to select the roof color that matches your house. You should consider the exterior features of your home when making a decision about a roof. These features include the shutters, flower boxes, and color of the siding. In addition, you want to think about the way the sunlight hits it. A dark-colored roof absorbs more heat from the sun. They can be as much as 20 degrees warmer. If you live in a warm area, you may want a lighter roof color.

It’s Sagging

When you notice that your roof is sagging, you need roof installation services to hire. A sagging roof looks bad and is dangerous. When the roof sags, it means the roof’s structural integrity isn’t sound. It could be an early warning sign that your roof is going to collapse. Roofing contractors can help you understand why your roof is sagging.

Too much weight on top of the roof could cause it to sag. All roofs have a maximum weight load. If it has anything more than that, it can sag. Also, the rafters of your roof may not be the right size. Finally, your roof may not have adequate storm bracing for snow or ice that is resting on your roof. You may need a new roof installed or some roof repairs. It is possible to jack up a sagging roof. However, a professional roofer should come to your home and assess your roof. If you are not qualified to make repairs to your roof, contact a professional to handle this situation for you.

Moss Is Growing

Any time you notice moss or mold growing on your roof, you need roof installation services to hire. You want to be sure to find a reputable local residential roofer to assess your roof. Sometimes, moss can be removed. But you also may need to replace your roof. If you leave it alone, moss can spread and cause more damage. In some areas, it’s common for moss to grow. So it should still be inspected.

Items like twigs, leaves, and branches can also encourage the growth of moss. You may also see lichen and algae spread on your roof. Moss occurs from water-based plants. It usually looks like a carpet and is springy to the touch. It needs water to grow. Algae grow in water. It has no root, stem, or leaves. It also grows in clusters. Lichen is both algae and fungi combined. Lichen is often mistaken for moss.

Moisture and organic debris cause these elements to grow on your roof. The more water and debris on your roof means the greater the chance of moss growth. The shade on your roof also makes a difference. A well-shaded roof prevents the evaporation of moisture, creating excellent conditions for moss to thrive. If you see any of these growing on your roof, you should contact a professional to assess your roof.

Your Energy Bill Is Increasing

When you begin to see your energy expenses increasing, it could mean you need roof installation services to hire. A reputable roofing company can examine your roof and let you know its condition. Your roof breaks down and becomes less effective as it ages. This allows the humidity and temperature from outside to come in. This has a negative impact on your home’s internal environment.

Metal roofers can help you understand what makes a roof energy efficient. You want to know if the price of a new roof is worth the energy savings you receive. Roof energy efficiency varies based on the material it’s built with it and how it’s installed. The more effective your roof is at reflecting solar light, the more energy efficiency it provides.

If your roof can’t reflect sunlight away from your home, the shingles will absorb the heat and transfer it into your home. A roof with a high solar reflection can reduce the temperature of the roof by 30%.

There are many reasons why you would consider roofing services. This guide can help you understand some of the times when you should contact a professional to inspect your roof.